Member's responsibilities

As a member of this cooperative preschool affiliated with Whatcom Community College, you, the parent/guardian becomes the student at WCC earning 3 credits every quarter. This benefit is granted when you meet your responsibilities as a member of the preschool.


As a member of this cooperative preschool you will be asked to contribute throughout the year.  

Your contribution keeps tuition low. If you wish to have your child enrolled in co-op preschool, these are your non-optional duties:

  • Volunteer in the classroom three times a month helping the teacher (earns you one credit at WCC)
  • Participate during our fundraiser(s) to raise $3000.  Donating items, finding sponsors and working the events as assigned.  
  • Attend the monthly family connection meetings (earns you the third WCC credit).   At the meeting you will hear teacher report, information about co-op business and participate in a parenting education session while connecting with other families.  
    • Meeting time: The third Thursday of the month at 10:00 am. (childcare provided). 
  • Hold a 'job' to help the co-op run smoothly year-round (earns you a second credit). 
Some examples of the 'jobs' to choose from are:

 ·       At-home teacher helper  (make play dough every few weeks, prepare material for crafts, etc.)

·       Fundraiser coordinator 

·       Volunteer scheduler (responsible for the working parents calendar)

·       Updating the bulletin board with recent art from the students

·       Board member (president, treasurer, vice president, secretary)

·       Registrar (keep log of new and potential students, call interested families to respond to inquiries, etc.)

·       Hospitality (have coffee and tea ready for the family engagement meetings and schedule people to bring food to share)

·       Memory book

·       Many more to chose from!